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How To Deal With Your First Ever Singko — June 7, 2015

How To Deal With Your First Ever Singko

When I started college, I promised myself that I will do my best to get the highest grades I can receive. The first semester came, and although I was still trying to grasp how college works, I was able to get good grades in all my subjects. My GWA is a line of 1.00, which is considered high in the university where I am currently studying.

College they say is freedom. Althroughout my high school year I was anxiously waiting for graduation, to finally go to college. I’ve heard a lot of stories about it. Parties here and there, fun everywhere, all these you can experience since you’re now far from your parents. No, I’m not blaming these parties or the friends I was with the sem I had my first failing grade.

So here are some reminders if you ever get a failing grade in school:

1. Relax

Okay, so the first thing you’ve got to do the moment you learn that you had a failing grade in a subject is to relax. Don’t cry on the spot. If you want to cry, go back to your dormitory and wet your pillow all you want.

2. Eat

Or do something that can make you forget about it for some time, just so you can clear you mind for the mean time.

3. Reflect

So #2 is in preparation for this. Reflect. Ask yourself:

Why did I fail?

During the nights before the exams, what did I do?

Did I listen in every discussion/lecture?

Did I come on my classes on time?

Have I ever ditched this class?

Did I study for the quizzes?

Did I pass all the requirements?

Did I pass all the requirements on time?

Did I participate in class?

Did I take this class seriously?

Yes, pertain all your questions to yourself.

4. Accept

Nope, it doesn’t work that way.

Because trust me, blaming the subject or the professor won’t bring you anywhere. You failed. That’s it. It’s not the teacher’s fault that the exam was hard for you. It’s not the teacher’s fault that you failed his subject because you exceeded the absences allowed. It’s not the teacher’s fault that you didn’t listen during his lecture and you failed the quiz right after.

4. Retake
So what you’re supposed to do now is
to retake that subject again in another semester. But, you won’t just retake it, you will retake it with style.

5. Aim
Love is sweeter the second time they say, well a subject can be sweeter the second time around as well! This time, do not slack of! Aim for that flat 1.00, learn from your mistakes and work harder.

6. Move On

Well, don’t forget about it just learn to embrace this event. Also, do not regret it. Don’t blame yourself too much because trust me, it wasn’t you, it was your efforts and not you who failed.

17 Reasons Harry Potter Fans Have More Fun Than Muggles —
Wattpad Covers — June 4, 2015

Wattpad Covers

Okay, so when I started writing, everything was going on smoothly. I had the ideas in my head, I had the perfect plots and twist ready, I was ready to publish my first ever story online. At least I thought I was.

I didn’t have a cover.

Yep, I forgot that crucial thing. You see, I never really had the talent nor the resources to make a decent one. For my first story, I tried so hard to find a user that was willing to make one for me. I search through all pages, forums and accounts until I found someone.

When I first saw it, I was amazed. The editing was brilliant. It came out just how I wanted it to be and the only thing I did was send the editor three pictures of Bae Suzy (one of my favorite Korean actresses) and voila! There it goes. Although to be honest, I tried making my own covers using the Paint tool. I failed miserably. The outcomes were so ugly, I had to erase them from my PC two minutes after I made them. But I had to put on something during the time that y cover was being made by the user, so I uploaded a simple image, which I don’t have anymore because that was roughly three years ago and I already switched to a new laptop. One thing I learned the moment I used the image above as my cover was that, having a good cover for your book will help you gain more readers. I noticed this a week after making the image above the cover of my story, readers came flooding in. Some even said they gave my book a try because the cover was breathtaking. Kudos to the editor (whom I forgot her name already, I’m sorry) for that!

The dimension of a cover of a book in Wattpad is 256 x 400. This is to make sure that the image you’re creating will fit the allotted space and will not be blurred. This year, I’m trying to practice my editing skills and since Adobe Photoshop isn’t free (I can’t download a torrent one cause I don’t know how to set up it in a Mac format), I went over the extra mile to find a nother resource. And that was the reason how how I bumped into Pixlr.

Pixlr is an online editor, and it’s free!

It works the same as Adobe Photoshop, at least I think it does. Anyways, it is a very useful website, for this is where I began practicing photo-editing.


This is the cover of my second story entitled, “Counting Stars”. I made this cover using Pixlr. I know, it isn’t great and all that, but for me, it’s already a start. I used Korean actors as the faces of my story because they’re cute- what more can I say? Well kidding aside, I’m actually fond of watching K-dramas and I happen to witness the great chemistry between these two actors.

And oh- one piece of reminder, don’t ever forget to put your name on the covers you make. You’ll never know if someone tries to use it as their own, it will be a huge heartbreak for you.

Well that’s much about it, that I know. Hey, I’m a newbie in this editing as well, you know.

Alone But Not Lonely — June 3, 2015

Alone But Not Lonely

So awhile ago, I decided to eat at Army Navy alone.

It’s not as bad as some people think it is. When I was in high school, eating out alone screams ‘loner’. I never tried it before, especially in crowded places like the fast-food chains. I’ll tremble like there’s no tomorrow, I was certain. But today, I proved myself wrong.

I ordered a classic burger with no drinks, since I had no money left with me. I was #78 in the queue, and they were serving the 74th. Unfortunately, my powerbank wasn’t working the way it should be (considering that it got soaked in alcohol before, I don’t even know how it happened tbh) and my phone was almost low-batt. I didn’t want is to go empty, so I didn’t use it. I was left with nothing to distract myself from the awkward loneliness eating alone brings. Well, not really. For some reason, I didn’t feel nervous. It actually felt- normal.

I stared at the ceiling, at the vacant chairs, and even at the occupied ones. I just looked at the families eating together, the friends who are talking and taking pictures of the food they’re eating and of themselves and I even watched the crew do their jobs. And then it sorta just clicked- no one actually cared that I was there, alone. Without a family member to talk to, without a friend to take selfies with. It was only me who thinks it’s weird that I will be eating alone. It was just me overthinking.

And that was the moment when the staff called out my number. I went to the counter, grabbed the tray, grabbed a bottle of ketchup to go with my one pound burger. I went back to my table, placed the tray on top, opened the foil that was covering my beloved burger and ate. Simple as that. People were looking this time, but hey- I looked at them awhile ago as well.

So to everyone who’s afraid to eat alone in public places, do me a favor and eat! No second thoughts, just eat! It’s food, Since when did other things matter?

My Wattpad Story — January 14, 2015

My Wattpad Story

I started writing on wattpad almost three years ago.

Studying in an exclusive all-girls school is a huge factor on how I started writing in this website in the first place. Everyone was just crazy about it.

I mean, why not? The website was full of love stories -from teen fiction down to the most clichè ones! And then there was our school which is packed with lots and lots of teeange girls- and you know what happened next…. Wattpad became a hit!

But don’t get me wrong, I didn’t start writing here because I wanted to become popular. On the contrary, I actually am writing in secret. No one knows my real identity. No one in my school actually knows I’m writing novels! Ever since I was in elementary, my teachers commended on how good I am in writing. Fast forward to highschool, I found a way on how to maximize it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 4.00.46 PM

So far, I have 918 followers. I started with nothing- literally for months, I had no followers. But now.. voila! I’m closing to reaching a thousand followers with the help of my two published stories! (Will blog about them on a different post)

Honestly, I think I would’ve have more if only I didn’t take a break last 2013.

But no worries, I’m hella sure I’ll be back for a long time now.